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Welcome to Custom Wood Reptile Cage Company!

Custom Wood Reptile Cages are built from natural solid wood and superior craftsmanship. That means that grain variations and random knots coupled with meticulous wood selection and skillful construction ensure that your cage will be One-of-a-Kind! All of the products we use to build our habitats are non-toxic and 100% pet safe!

Our cages can be used for a variety of lizards, turtles and snakes such as bearded dragons, red tailed boas, pythons, geckos, monitors, chameleons, uromastyx and more!

We have many standard sizes in our gallery for you to choose from. These all come with your choice of stains. Our unique design combines the clarity of plexiglass or glass with the beauty and durability of solid wood to create the line of finely finished, naturally rustic, quality furniture. Beautiful and unique, these are luxurious custom cages that you can be proud of! You will not want to hide one of our cages away like regular glass enclosures.

Our cages are humidity and water-resistant! They all feature our self-closing hinges with a sash lock, which makes our cages escape proof. They have thick top quality 1/4" Lexan Plexiglass or glass viewing windows for excellent clarity as well as safety. We use 1/8" heavy steel gauge hardware cloth mesh, which is very strong. Strong enough to even hold in a large Monitor. No need to worry about your pet escaping. The top is made so you can place your UV and heat lamps on top. The bottom or floor of the cages are made of kitchen grade formica, the same material that is used for kitchen counter tops. This makes it completely safe to put your warmer mats underneath the bottom or floor of the cage. The formica bottom also makes this very easy to clean as well as long-lasting in it's original condition for years to come. There is approximately 3" - 4 " of room available on bottom of cage for substrates with a built in dam to prevent your substrate from falling out when you open the door. These cages are also stackable. 7 inch spacers to hide the lighting implements are also available.

Aside from the standard sizes in the gallery, we build custom cages around your animal! If you need different dimensions or would like to customize your cage further than what you see, please email us with details. We will send you a quote ASAP. We sell cages, stands, reptiles, and driftwood!!!

We also have different size accesories sets for our cages. These sets include driftwood, water dish, and greenery that you see in many of our photos.

If you would like additional information or anything else please email us and we will get back to you ASAP!

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